Join Lara, Rufus, Tom and Barney as they solve clues, unravel mysteries and explore hidden places in the exciting episodes of The Adventurers…

“Your father was on to something here”, he said to Lara. Everyone automatically leaned forward in their seats. Even Barney pricked up his ears.

The Adventurers and the Temple of Treasure

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Interview with University of Exeter

I loved chatting to University of Exeter this week (where I studied way back in 2004-07) about books and my advice for aspiring authors! Check it out:

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One Week to Go!

This time next week The Adventurers and the Sea of Discovery will be released! I’m excited (and a little bit nervous) to hear what you all think! Adventurers 6 has received the most pre-orders, across all retailers, that I've ever had - by quite a considerable margin!...

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Ask Jem Volume 2

One month to go until the release of The Adventurers and the Sea of Discovery! In the meantime - at long last - I've uploaded a new episode of Ask Jem! Don't forget to like and subscribe - it's free!...

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