Join Lara, Rufus, Tom and Barney as they solve clues, unravel mysteries and explore hidden places in the exciting episodes of The Adventurers…

“Your father was on to something here”, he said to Lara. Everyone automatically leaned forward in their seats. Even Barney pricked up his ears.

The Adventurers and the Temple of Treasure

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‘Ask Jem’ episode on my YouTube Channel!

Thank you to all of my young readers who submitted questions for my #AskJem YouTube video! Here's my answers. Please do like and subscribe! And please get in touch through my social media or the contact form if you'd like to submit a question for a future video!...

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Publication Day – ‘The Treasure of Tea Towers’

Today I have a new book out in Germany! The Treasure of Tea Towers is published by Klett Sprachen and fully illustrated by Andrew Smith, who also designed this beautiful cover! As part of Klett's 'Team Reader' series, The Treasure of Tea Towers was written to help...

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