It’s finally here! The Adventurers and The Cursed Castle is LIVE and available to buy!

Paperback copies can now be purchased from,, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble and many more! It can also be ordered in from any local bookshop.

It’s been great to have some early feedback from three young readers this week who received advance copies and I’m really excited (and nervous) to hear what everyone else thinks! If you enjoy reading The Adventurers and if you have time, I’d be really grateful if you could leave me a review either on the site where you bought the book or on Goodreads. Your feedback will help me spread the word about my story and find more readers!

In case you missed it on my social media pages, I’ve drawn up some character sheets below to introduce you all to each of The Adventurers – Lara, Rufus, Tom and Barney!

Thank you all for your continued support, I truly appreciate it.

Bye for now,