It’s two weeks since the publication day of The Adventurers and The Cursed Castle and it’s been a busy time! So busy, in fact, that I forgot to post the link to my last blog post on publication day… (if anyone’s really bored and fancies reading an out-of-date blog post, it’s here)!

First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased my debut novel! Seeing it climb up to number 13 in the Amazon Young Adult Adventure Thriller and Mystery Chart (alongside Enid Blyton and other very respectable authors) in the first couple of days was a thrill and would not have been possible without your support, dear readers!

My number one highlight over the past two weeks has been hearing that people have been enjoying reading my book… and not just people I know who are being nice to me! I received a message from a reader I’ve never met who enjoyed my story with his daughter and they were kind enough to leave me a 5 star review on Goodreads. Now as long as nobody else reads the book, then I won’t get any more ratings and I’ll keep my 100% perfect record! (Just kidding, please read my book… then make other people read it afterwards… I need all the readers and ratings I can get!) Seriously though, I wrote The Adventurers because it was the type of story I would have liked to read growing up, and I wove a lot of things that I love into the story. So if you read it and enjoy it or your family enjoys it, then please let me know as you inspire me to keep writing and making stories.

In other news, my home town’s newspaper Sevenoaks Chronicle featured me and my book in last week’s issue… picture below in case you missed it (or don’t live in Sevenoaks).

There’s a few fun things on the way… I’ll be preparing for my first author visit at a primary school soon… I’ll also be popping up as a guest on a blog and a podcast! More details to come. There’s a few other bits and pieces in the pipeline so I’ll keep you all posted.

Oh and I’m halfway through the first draft of Book 2 in The Adventurers Series! If you haven’t read the first one you can check it out on Amazon UK*, Amazon US, Barnes and Noble and all other major retail outlets!

Bye for now,


It’s me! And the book!

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