Hola a todos! I’m writing this to you from Liberia Airport after a two week holiday in Costa Rica! I had a great time with my friend Emily in this beautiful country. Highlights included ziplining, quad biking, beaches, horse-riding, a volcano, rainforests, waterfalls and ANIMALS! Anyone who follows me on Instragram will know I got a bit trigger happy snapping pics and clips of all the wildlife – iguanas, geckos, toads, capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, sloths, frogs, crabs, butterflies… and lots of dogs!

The only downside was the dreaded prickly heat which resulted in a shot in the arm, creams and antibiotics (none of which I’m totally sure did anything, other than lighten my bank balance!)

I’d recommend Costa Rica to anyone, there’s tons to do and the local people are amongst the nicest I’ve ever met.

There’s some exciting things coming up for The Adventurers this month; I’ll be in WHSmith Bluewater on 20th July from 12pm signing books, plus I’m being featured in a podcast and local magazine (more info to come). I’m hoping to crack on with The Adventurers 3 this month as well.

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I have to go as I’m about to get on the flight, in closing here’s a pic of a capuchin I met yesterday!

Bye for now,


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